S-Shaped UAS on Show at Dubai Air Show

UAE firm Adcom Systems is displaying a full-sized mock-up of a medium altitude long endurance UAS, called the United 40, in the static park at the Dubai Air Show.An illustration at the Adcom stand, however, labels what appears to be an identical aircraft the Yabhon-Smart Eye 2. The single-engine, single-tailed turboprop aircraft has a dramatic s-curve in the middle fuselage and full-sized wings both forward and aft. Adcom has flown a similar, but smaller, UAS called the Yabhon-Smart Eye 1 that is believed to be a technology demonstrator.

According to a placard with the United 40 mock-up, the aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 1,000kg (1,257lb), with its dual wings providing a total lifting area of 24.3m. The United 40 will have an endurance of 25h, a ceiling of 23,000ft, and can carry four 100kg pods on its wings.
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